My inner artist gets out!

I love what I do, I really really do.  My favorite part of woolie crafting is cutting into the sweaters/jackets/suits.  I do this at night, after all my kiddos are in bed, when the house is quiet and my thoughts are my own 🙂 I take each one and spread them out on my cutting table one at a time.  I have my stack of patterns to one side of me and my markers and scissors standing by.  Although I am working with my personaly designed hard patterns, working with sweaters is not so cut and dry (pun intended!)  Each sweater is different and unique, and each one requires careful evaluation to determine what it wants to become.  

I carefully make all my cuts, recycling to the max!  I cut covers, then johnnies or leggies, then hats, then shoes!  Any scraps large enough to keep, go into a bin that my children regularly dive into for crafting projects 🙂 My throw away is minimal, and this makes me very happy 🙂 All my cut items, sit neatly in a stack, waiting untill the next morning, when kids are on the bus, and babies are fed….  When the dishwasher is running, and laundry is going, and Shaun the Sheep is playing…… Then I sit down to sew them up.

 After that they either head out for a lano bath, or, if their covers, they move to a LARGE stack in the “cover” bin, where they await snaps.  My snap press is my nemesis. I hate snapping!  Every stocking, there is a third of my covers that don’t make it in because I can’t stand to snap anymore! I’ve learned that this is ok though, they’ll make it in the next round 🙂  And at the end of most days, the cycle repeats, and I find myself standing in a quiet space, staring at beautiful wool, who’s life I get to recreate :).

This brings me an amazing amount of peace.


Sad update, sorta…..



So……..  We did not move to Maine.

I apologize for the delay in updating everyone.  I needed some time to “mourn”, if you will, over the fact that we were unable to move as planned.

The sale of our home was not completed, due to an appraiser who disappeared, and buyers who were unable to wait for another appraisal.  We were ready to go though.  My entire life was (and sorta still is), packed into a moving truck in our driveway.

I won’t lie, I am extremely disappointed that  this move did not happen.  I am attempting to find peace in knowing that  it will happen eventually, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that I already live in such a beautiful place!

That being said, I am slowly unpacking and attempting to get things back in order.  I’m going to stick to my plan, and not open up shop again until Oct., as most of September will be eaten with wholesale orders.  I am working on a stand alone shop, and plan to open big with it in October.  The focus for this fall/winter will be organic wardrobe staples, leggings, long-sleeved shirts and jumpers, and of course, lots and lots of wool!  We’ve got longies, covers, leggies and shoes all on the way!

I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience with me!  A few mamas received refunds, as I was suddenly faced with the task of uprooting 7 people in two weeks, and you all were so gracious and understanding!  Thank you so much for all the support ladies 🙂


There are some exciting changes coming to OMM this spring!  After alot of sewing a little of this and a little of that, I’m streamlining my product line.  When I first started this business, my focus was recycled wool.  Like any hungry business owner, I soon branched out to sewing all kinds of things!  Nothing wrong with at all, however, as I am attempting to raise 5 children of all ages, in addition to being your seamstress, I find that my time is swallowed up largely by the sheer numbers of different items that I offer.    So I’m changing gears!  My main shop focus is now going back to recycled wool, namely snapping covers, and a new line of organic clothing for kiddos of all ages.  Shirts, shorts, jammies and layette, all organic, all dyed  and sewn by me, all the time, in sizes ranging from birth to teen!   There will still be Sensory Balls available from time to time, but they will only be available in very limited quantities and they will only be stuffed with organic cotton batting or new super squishy natural rubber! 

I’m aware that organic clothing isn’t super important to a lot of people, but it’s very important to me.  I appriciate everyones support as we undergo this transition and I look forward to providing your family with healthy, beautiful, natural clothing 🙂

New! Snapping Wool Covers! Eureka!!

So, let me start by saying, I am a big wool fan…  Seriously, a REALLY big fan.  I could talk on and on for days about how miraculous this fiber is, but, if your reading this, you probably feel the same way, so I won’t 🙂  I use wool anywhere and everywhere that I can…  I stuff it into toys, I  make rugs with it, I knit with it and I sew with it. 

As a cloth diapering mama, I’m well aware of the great benefits to using wool covers on my baby!  I have a huge stash of snapping diapers that I use, and up until recently, covered with pull on wool soakers.  I also have a huge stash of prefolds, that I love more than my snapping diapers for a variety of reasons.  They’re cheaper, MUCH cheaper!  They wash easier, they dry easier and they very easy to replace.  However, PUL covers seem to be the rage when it comes to prefolds, and I don’t like PUL.  Don’t get me wrong, it serves its purpose well, but it’s plastic 😦  I look at my covers and just think to myself, that can’t feel really awesome…  Warm, wet, covered with a non-breathing plastic cover… Sounds pretty crappy to me!

I know a few mamas who use prefolds, with a snappy (a whole other scary device!!) and their pull on wool soakers, but I felt it seemed to dangerous to attempt 🙂  Snappies make me nervous to begin with, but pulling a wool cover over one, especially a hand knit wool cover, makes me shudder!

What the world needs is a snap on wool cover, simple right?  Wrong!  A quick google search told me that only a handful of companies make snapping wool covers, and they are VERY expensive.  They’re made with interlock wool, which is a great fabric, but very pricey!  So, I’ve created a genius solution to this problem, snapping upcylced wool covers!!!  It has all the ease and functionality of a PUL cover, but there’s  no PUL!  Each cover is made with two layers.  A heavier duty wool outer layer and a silky soft cashmere inner layer.  The result is nothing short of fantastic!  The inner cashmere layer is luxury!  Super soft against baby’s legs and waist, with a bullet proof wool outer.  Super easy to care for, just wash with your other woolies once a month!

Pictured above is my 11lb. little guy modeling two of his covers in the NB size.  Easily would work for at least up to 15lbs. 

Wanna try one of these awesome babies on your awesome baby? 🙂  Join me March 1st!

A Handmade and Fairtrade Easter….

This past Christmas I took the “handmade pledge” and tried to give mostly handmade gifts, and support handcrafters as much as possible….  I am a HUGE supporter of WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) and spend a sizable chunk of our income at etsy and hyenacart 🙂 

Today is Valentines Day, and whenever a “chocolate” holiday is nearing I spend a fair amount of time trying to locate fair trade products to give.  It’s gotten a lot easier since my local coop, Ozark Natural Foods, does a pretty good job of stocking holiday appropriate candies 🙂  I know Easter is still weeks away, but if your like me, and you have several baskets to assemble, it’s really never to early to start.  This year I’m taking a vow to load my kiddos baskets with ONLY handmade crafts and goodies, and ONLY fairly traded candies….  As I said before, I’ve  always include some of these things in our past holidays, but haven’t yet gone “exclusively” with them.    Last year around Easter time, I remember seeing isles and isles of “made in china” garbage, basically, stuffed into toxicly colored baskets, wrapped in non-biodegradable and non-recyclable cellophane and feeling not only disgusted with retailers for even stocking them, but really sad for all the MILLIONS of kids who easter morning would open up those baskets, consume a toxic amount of sugar and food coloring, and play with the “toys” which have a lifespan of about 20 min.   Am I the only person who can look at a GIANT basket stuffed with crap and know that if it only costs $10, then the quality of what’s in it must be zero???  

This year my kids will get baskets of wholesome, karma inspiring,  healthy items.  Will I pay more than $10 for all the items in each basket? Absolutely!  Will I feel good about all my purchases because they help enable other moms to purchase equally awesome items for their own kids? You bet 🙂  This isn’t so much a “post” as it is a question.  Will you take the “Handmade Pledge” for Easter this year?  Will you help support actual people, and not mega chain stores who could care less about you and your family?   I can recognize that in today’s busy world, sometimes the hardest part of supporting these ideas, is finding the things to do so.   So, I’m going to post links and photos from now until Easter, of items and websites  I find that can help you on this endeavor.  I would love feedback and other ideas as well!  If you have a shop, or have a link for something awesome, please email me and I’ll get it posted!   I know this might be a tall order, seeing as how I live in the land of Wal-Mart, but I have faith in you, and faith in myself that we can do this 🙂

Sweaterall the finale……

I admit, this was a terrible “photo” blog, since I’ll have only posted two photos.  I will try to do much better next time, promise 🙂  This is the finished Sweaterall!  If you notice, the top is different from the drafted pieces from yesterdays photo.  This was due to a sizing error, which resulted in me ripping it out, cutting a new one, deciding that one wouldn’t work either, then cutting a third and struggling with the straps for hours.  So, it’s done, it’s not sellable, so it will be for my son, which is fine, and I learned many lessons, so the next one should be “retail” perfect 🙂  Took all day though, ALL DAY!  Good thing I sized it up and we’ll get two winters out of it…. 8 hours is a lot easier to swallow when you know it last for more than one season!


So, the evolution of a sweater into……. OVERALLS?!!  That’s right, I’m turning someone’s used up sweater into darling little WOOL overalls for my son!!  I wish I’d taken a photo of the sweater before I cut it up, but alas, I didn’t come up with this fantastic blog idea, till after I’d killed it 😦  Nonetheless, next time I will photo it to death!!  THIS was my day, all day today!!  Watch the transformation!

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